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June 9 & 10, 2018



6:00AM – 7:30AM



Tee - off times and pairings will be posted on the day of the tournament.


P 10,000/ TEAM – Payment of the tournament fee should be made at the front desk before teeing-off. Those who haven’t paid tournament fee are not entitled to tee-off, or received any award. A team consist of a Male-Male/ Male-Female/ Female-Female golfer, unlimited practice round during weekdays (Deadline of submission of entry is on May 15, 2018)


2 Days Tournament  ( June 9 & 10, 2018 )



1st Day Aggregate

2nd Day Four Ball (Best Ball)


Any act of slow play shall result to the following: first warning – no stroke penalty, second warning- with one stroke penalty to the player, third warning- with two stroke penalty, and fourth warning- disqualification of the player for the day. Only the Tournament Committee may impose such penalties.

Cross scoring in effect. Please take note that submission of scorecards to committee is final. Concerned player is responsible for checking his score and 2 signatures are required, both by scorer and attest. Lack of signature is subject to disqualification.

USGA / R&A rules govern all play in conjunction with local rules. Any rules infraction will be decided by Rules Committee. Rules Committee composed TVP, Engr. Rodel Mangulabnan & OM.


The caddie fee P 500 ( player’s account )


1 Golf cart per team (player’s account)


  • BLUE TEES          for men
  • WHITE TEES       for senior (60 yrs. Old & above)
  • RED TEES           for women


Team Handicap indexes are for classification purpose only. Combined handicap index divided by two.

Group A Top 25 % of field
Group B Next 25 % of field
Group C Next 25 % of field
Group D Remaining teams of field
Sponsors Open (System 36 format)

All handicap indexes are subject for review by the Tournament Committee. No handicap Index submitted to the Committee results in a 0 handicap. In case where the player has multiple club memberships, the lowest handicap index would be used.

UNHS handicap index as of May 2018.


36-hole Stableford Scoring System with handicaps.

Stableford points will count as follows:

Net Double Bogey 0
Net Bogey 1
Net Par 2
Net Birdie 3
Net Eagle 4
Net Double Eagle 5
Hole in One 6


  • Group A Team Gross Champion
  • Group B Team Gross Champion
  • Group C Team Gross Champion
  • Group D Team Gross Champion
  • Group A Team Net Champion and Runner-up
  • Group B Team Net Champion and Runner-up
  • Group C Team Net Champion and Runner-up
  • Group D Team Net Champion and Runner-up
  • Sponsors Division Champion, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Runner-up

Tie – Breaks:

Ties will be broken as follows: (Net points will be used to break ties in all Group categories and gross points for Best Gross) Stableford:
  • most points on Day 2, then,
  • most points on Day 2 back 9, then,
  • most points on Day 2 last 6 holes, then,
  • most points on Day 2 last 3 holes
  • and if still tied, a toss of a coin
Systems 36:
  • Most number of eagle, pars….
  • and if still tied, a toss of a coin


Please follow these specific instructions for the tournament proper:

  1. Drop your bag at the bag drop area and state your full name to the bag drop attendant.
  2. You will receive a bag tag and proceed to the front desk to get a passport.
  3. Register to confirm tee time at the front desk at least 30 minutes before shotgun starts and confirm with any golf operation staff for hole assignment.
  4. Proceed to assigned hole for shotgun start.
  5. Players are responsible for their actions and the actions of their caddies.
  6. Players are responsible for the accuracy and the submission of their scorecards, once submitted to the committee, players may not make any alterations. You may submit the scorecards at the starter house.
  7. Players are responsible for their own clubs, please count your clubs before the game (only a maximum of fourteen clubs are allowed) and when claiming golf bag.
  8. Non-conforming drivers are not allowed and its use is subject to R&A / USGA.
  9. Question shall be settled by the Tournament Committee whose decision shall be final. The competition shall be deemed closed when the trophy has been presented.


  • NO Maong / No Jeans
  • NO reservation of golf carts
  • NO sando, collarless shirts
  • NO metal spikes


Awarding of minor raffle starts at 3:00 pm on June 10, 2018. Presence required for all raffle prizes.


  1. If a ball is lost, lies or touches any part of the landscape area, a player may drop a ball at the nearest point of relief with one stroke penalty.
  2. Bahia grass is considered through the green.
  3. Hole number 5 from the tee, if the player’s ball failed to cross the margin of the lake, a player may drop a ball within the drop area with one stroke penalty.
  4. All GUR and young trees shall be marked with blue stakes only, otherwise play your ball as it lies.
  5. Bridges are considered part of the water hazard.
  6. Hole numbers 5, 16, 17 and 18. Out of bounds lines drawn from cart path replaces out of bounds stakes. Please take note that the line itself is out of bounds, a ball is out of bounds when all of it lies out of bounds. In addition, a player can stand out of bounds when playing ball in bounds.
  7. For bunkers only, stones that are not embedded and do not adhere to the ball may be removed without penalty.
  8. If a player’s ball rest on the greenside collar, the player may place his ball to the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole. The player may place his ball outside the green.
  9. French drains with blue lines or blue stakes at hole no. 10,12,13,14 and 18 are permanent ground under repair (GUR).The player may drop the ball to the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole without penalty.
  10. All bunkers lip with blue stakes are Under Ground Repair (GUR).Boundary are line itself, blue stake at the center of the bunker are considered GUR. The player may drop the ball to the nearest point of relief (outside the bunker), not nearer the hole without penalty.
  11. When in doubt concerning any rules decisions, play the two-ball option for stroke play and request for a ruling from any golf operation staff.